Podcast: Dungeons & Degrees

  • Ep. 47: Preparing for the Beginning (w/ Sly Flourish)

    Returning Guest Skyler the ADHDM joins Mike Shea (aka Sly Flourish) in talking about the inspiration for the Lazy DM guide, how he runs session zeros, how to run one […]

  • Ep. 46: Budding Inspiration

    Anna from Double Proficiency comes by to talk about her book “Herbalist’s Primer” and her inspiration for this wonderful piece of literature. We talk about her work with other creators […]

  • Ep. 45: Let’s Talk About the Vampire in the Room (w/ DragnaCarta)

    Adrian and Alex bring back Justin to assist in picking the brain of DragnaCarta. The Curse of Strahd is strong in this one so players BEWARE! The group talks about […]