Ep. 72: Revolutionary D&D (w/Pat Mooney of Flagbearer Games)

Dungeons & Degrees
Ep. 72: Revolutionary D&D (w/Pat Mooney of Flagbearer Games)

The duo talks with Pat Mooney about Nations & Cannons a 5e supplement to live out your revolutionary war fantasy. Pat talks about how his team focused on the stories that have not been shown so forwardly in history books and how it was not just whit walkers fighting amongst themselves. Game of Thrones is relevant again. There ispowdered weapons and gambits to be talked about and just how his initiative is to make History more accessible. So come listen and check out what is in store.

Flagbearer Games:

Twitter: @FlagbearerGames

Website: Nationsandcannons.com

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flagbearergames/the-american-crisis-a-nations-and-cannons-adventure-for-dnd-5e

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