Dungeons & Degrees

  • Ep. 90: A Generation Ago

    Adrian goes to hang out with his father’s old D&D group and see how it was back when Adrian didn’t exist. What a scary concept. We learned about shenanigans and […]

  • Ep. 89: Just Us in January

    The last of the duo’s archived audio files. It’s about to get current in the next one. Dungeons & Degrees SocialsTwitter: @dungeonndegreesE-mail: dndegreespod@gmail.comInstagram: @dungeonndegreesTikTok: @dungeonndegreesDiscord: https://discord.gg/XFhma7qjDy — Send in a […]

  • Ep. 88: Finales, Food, & Fear w/Connie Chang

    Adrian and Alex talk with Connie Chang about their Actual Play Transplanar and what they learned from it and what she would do differently. Adrian fears that his campaign ending […]