Podcast: Dungeons & Degrees

  • Ep. 104: Be Ungovernable (w/ Wren)

    Affiliate link:https://dungeonsoap.com/dndegrees CODE: DNDEGREES10 for 10% off entire order! Find Wren [They/Them]: +Insta: Wrenound+Tiktok: Wrenound+Threads: Wrenound+Twitter: WrenoundGames+Startplaying: WrenoundGames Watch Wren over at Dinner and a Game:+Twitter: Dinner_Game+Twitch: thedinnerandgame Find Adrian […]

  • Ep. 103: Cool Brain Things (w/ NorthWolf911)

    Who’s running the show today? It’s Northwolf911! A charismatic force of nature that has come in to talk about favorite characters, playing TTRPGs, and making both host reflect deeply. It’s […]

  • Ep. 102: Imposter Syndrome (w/ Johnny from Talking XP)

    Johnny from Talking XP comes to talk shop with the pod. A conversation about Baldur’s Gate 3 is something that is still relevant right? Talking imposter syndrome and how it […]